Family Minds Enriched

West Surrey
Project Deadline:
March 1, 2023

Relate West Surrey know that family life is going through immense pressure financially especially when they are from a low-income household anyway. The whole family is struggling and living hand to mouth and suffering with their mental health. The last thing they want to pay for as it is not high on their priority list is counselling sessions to help improve their mental health, even if it is for the children. Please donate now

Project Overview

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Relate West Surrey  would like to raise funds for a bursary to help families, parents, individuals, or children. Our counsellor would like to see the family as a whole initially and then may decide to see just the parents as they are having problems with their relationship which is affecting the kids. The counsellor may then want to see the child(ren) as they are suffering at home on top of bullying at school. If it is a single parent they may want to be seen alone by the counsellor.

Through The weekly sessions, everyone will see an improvement in their mental health, feel empowered and in control, and have the strength and positivity to manage their lives better. Evidence shows, that tackling early signs of mental distress can prevent escalation to more serious, chronic mental illnesses if left untreated.

The result is significantly costlier care and specialist crisis support, reliance on powerful medication, and more expensive, long-term interventions within the NHS. Our counselling services can address mental health issues early on, enabling people to use coping strategies and build resilience to support themselves to thrive and reach their utmost potential.

Relate West Surrey are lucky that we have the most highly trained counsellors in our team to help with relationships, and sex problems. We have specialist family counsellors and children and young people counsellors(10-18-year-olds)

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