Group of men including one in wheelchair toasting together

Support a project that matters to you.

Our foundation was set up not just to do good with the money we raise but also to get more people involved in what is happening in their own communities.

We have partnered with Crowdfunder, one of the UK’s leading crowdfunding platforms to help you search for live projects in your local community. Visit their website to see what you can find and get involved.

Why are we working in the community?

Many of us are touched by personal circumstance that draw us to charitable fundraising which is very much needed by larger charities. However, it’s increasingly difficult for smaller charities that do great work at a local level to raise the awareness they need to fund ongoing projects.

The recent pandemic forced us to work from home which brought us all closer to our communities through shopping at local shops; walking through local streets; meeting and talking to neighbours. For many of us this opened our eyes to the various significant needs of those right on our doorstep, and it is this sense of community we want to encourage.

As a customer of Mortgage Advice Bureau or any of its mortgage broking business, or as a member of staff of MAB or any of its lender partners or protection providers, you can work with a local community organisation to support them in getting funding for their project.


If you’d like to get involved or learn more about the Mortgage Advice Bureau Foundation, reach out to us on our contact page.