Who We Support

Our foundation supports Charities and Community Interest Companies whose charitable projects fall into one of our key focus areas below. Special consideration is given to projects that support the disadvantaged, tackle equality, and encourage diversification.

A diverse group of volunteers celebrating after a litter pick event

Environment and Conservation

Projects focused on making green choices for your community. These might include rewilding projects, community gardens, or educational projects to help local people and organisations reduce their carbon footprint.

Community litter pick
Community group counselling session in progress

Health and Wellbeing

Projects focused on helping communities combat health and wellbeing issues to improve quality of life. For example, social inclusion, mental health, sports projects, and any other initiative that encourages more people to get involved in wellbeing activities.

The Prevention and Relief of Poverty

Projects focused on helping communities through financial hardship. For example, food banks or money management and budgeting skills courses.

Large pots full of soup and people nearby with bowls


If you’d like to get involved or learn more about the Mortgage Advice Bureau Foundation, reach out to us on our contact page.

A woman helping a young girl with Down's Syndrome in an educational setting