Buddy Bag Foundation

Project Deadline:
April 30, 2024

We provide ‘Buddy’ backpacks for children 0 to 16 years who have to leave home due to domestic violence.

Project Overview

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backpacks for children 0 to 16 yearsWe provide ‘Buddy’ back packs for children 0 to 16 yrs. The bags contain essential items such as PJ’s, age appropriate toiletries, underwear, books, pens, teddy bear etc.

Sadly there are over 48,000 children every year having to leave their home due to domestic violence. Often families escaping domestic violence have to leave home in just what they can carry quickly in a crisis situation. They leave behind everything they love and arrive at a refuge out of their local area not knowing anyone. Our ‘Buddy’ bags give them a sense of comfort and remind them that there are people who care.

The bag contents are practical too, they have the key items needed to sleep that night and wear. The bags can be used for school. Young children have knitted teddies and older children have a teddy bear too to hug. The comfort the bags bring support the children and their parent, we receive heartfelt feedback about the impact they have.

Each bag costs £25, all with brand new items and some crafted items from volunteers all made with love. There is an affirmation card for the Mother too, the bags are delivered to refuge centres across the UK.

We run volunteer led back packing events in Lichfield regularly throughout the year, each time we pack 180 bags. The Lichfield packing events cost £4,500 every time we pack 180 bags. The local football club support by giving us a free venue, we invite the footballers and local community to come along as volunteers to help set up the event and pack the 180 bags ready to be distributed across the uk.

Without funding we will not be able to run these event sessions. At every session we give a brief talk on our charity which raises awareness of domestic violence and also the volunteers benefit from the positive experience.

Each bag costs £25, Lichfield backing event costing £4,500 means we can fund sending out 180 complete back packs to make a difference to children at such a difficult and emotional time in their lives.

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