Trailer for animal visits to school & local groups

Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
Project Deadline:
November 22, 2022

We want to take our animals and resources out to children and disadvantaged adults - and enable them to physically experience a wider world.

Project Overview

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We are passionate about helping people to grow, not just crops, or animals, but in themselves. By building confidence through offering new experiences and skills, our qualified team of volunteers, teachers and well being assistants, ensure that everyone we work with is supported to reach their full potential. Engaging all ages, particularly those affected by poverty, isolation, ill health and unemployment - we use our community land to help grow lives and opportunities. For many though, our land is currently a step too far - so working with local schools, community groups and organisations we want to overcome this barrier by taking our unique work out to them.

The money raised will buy a trailer and portable resource centre that will take our community farm directly into the community, ensuring that life changing new experiences like stroking a sheep, can be had by as many people as possible. Our vision is to engage, empower and enthuse those we work with - and through our approach we will help those we reach to gain new experiences and develop new opportunities for changing their lives.  

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