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The sunshine group Liverpool University Hospitals Foundation Trust supports patience going through breast cancer treatment and beyond—support when you need it most. We rely on 100% voluntary donations, and all income is spent on supporting patients. We give back every penny to support women affected by breast cancer. The women we support are patients of LUHFT.

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Whether you have been diagnosed with breast cancer or a family member or a friend,

Weather you have been diagnosed by breast cancer or a family member of friend of someone that has Whether you have been diagnosed with breast cancer or a family member or friend of someone who as,we are here to help.    

We support the patients by addressing social, emotional and psychological side of the disease by subsiding days out, theatre times, creative arts.  We also hold regular meetings with visiting speakers to support the cancer journey such as wig companies, health people and underwear companies.   Many patients through the activities have formed long term friendships and support each other away from the group.Several of our events we invite partners and friends to attend, so they get the support they need.

We also provide necessary items for holistic therapies for breast cancer patients within the trust.   By linking with other organisations we supply mastectomy cushions and drainage bags for all patients leaving hospital.  

The group raises money to purchase items for the breast clinics across the trust to ensure the cancer journey is the best it can be for the patients and their families

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